Z-Lipo in Bangalore, Hyderabad

Get “Slimmer” the “Zimmer” Way!

Now, achieving your Dream Figure gets a lot easier with the introduction of the renowned and acclaimed technology ‘Z-Lipo’ which rids you of the stubborn fat deposits. One of the revolutionary and advanced treatments introduced in the cosmetic industry, along with the well-known ‘Z-Wave, Z-Lipolysis is yet another valuable addition to the already distinguished cosmetic treatments and solutions offered by the clinic.

The Procedure

Z-Lipo cryolipolysis or the ‘Fat Freezing’ is a non-invasive technology  that targets the fat deposits accumulated at different areas of the body including hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, backs and male chests. The controlled cooling which happens over one hour allows for the damage and the breakdown of the fat cells which are then  eliminated from the body through the natural way by the Lymphatic System in the next few weeks resulting in inch loss.


This is considered the safest fat elimination technology yet since the cooling process here will target only the fat tissues but not the surrounding healthy tissues. This procedure carries a number of features including

  • Simplest Fat Elimination Technology
  • Non-Invasive Process
  • Convenient and Painless
  • No Down Time
  • Noticeable Results
  • Safest Method

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Are you ready to experience the coolest fat-loss procedure and achieve your dream figure? Then Z-Lipo is the solution you are waiting for and Lejeune is the destination you are looking for!


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