Snake Venom Facial

Snake Venom Facial

Snake Venom facial made famous as a red carpet facial in Hollywood is a medi facial done in a cosmetology clinic using a combination of peptides that mimick one of the peptides found in Viper venom. It’s a synthetic snake serum used extensively in the western countries for reducing wrinkles. May stars Like Kylie Minogue, Danii Minogue and Gwyneth Pawltrow indulge in the facial and use the serum regularly for its anti ageing benefits

 Not only is it used for its anti aging effects, but the facial amazingly refreshes the skin, brightening it , lifting tan and gives it a luminous glow.

As home care  if  used regularly It has dermal like action, thus helping to reduce lines and wrinkles

The synthetically made tripeptide combination mimicks Waglerin peptide found in the Viper’s snake venom.

Since its only applied as a cream on the surface of the skin, its effectiveness cannot be compared to Dermal but for people who are wary of dermal or do not want dermal, snake venom facial is a good alternative as its more natural and non invasive

Snake venom facial is a  medical rejuvenation treatment , yet it doesn’t cause redness and peeling like some other medical cosmetic treatments

The procedure involves certain medical steps to exfoliate and enhance penetration of products deep into the skin layers combined with facial steps. It’s a pampering treatment that takes between 45mins to 1 hour to complete. The result can be seen immediately after the facial. For anti ageing effects are seen after 1 month if regular skin care routine is also followed with home care use of this serum.

 The facial can be done as often as one would like since there are no side effects or redness. Once every fortnight or month is good to do.  

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