Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


A Natural Re-Growth

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment helps tissue regeneration in a natural way that further enables reduction of wrinkles, hair growth, and improves fine lines. So if you are looking for a natural way of re-growing the lost hair that assures permanent results without the issue of side-effects, Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is the ideal answer.

Why PRP is Unique

Restoring the lost hair can be done in a lot of ways but PRP procedure is unique in the sense that it uses your own blood plasma that is rich in platelets to do the job. The platelet rich plasma is extracted from your body and then it is injected in the area where the hair is less or wherever the skin is need of rejuvenation.

In case of hair growth, this triggers the hair follicles bringing them back to life and hence natural hair growth occurs. When this is injected at the areas of dull skin, it allows rich flow of blood and thereby bringing back the glow to the skin.

The Highly Preferable Solution

This treatment can be applied to both men and women and desired results within can be observed in a very short time. The treatment is administered by one of our experienced specialists in the field and the procedure is fairly simple with a negligible recovery time. This is a widely preferred treatment and a great alternative to other surgical as well as non-surgical treatments available.

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