China Doll Peel in Bangalore, Hyderabad

China Doll Peel

China doll peels are laser toning facials that are combined with a carbon cream. The medical grade carbon cream is applied to the skin which is then bonded by laser to the skin and further blasted off with the Q switched Nd Yag pigment laser. They are called so because of the clear porcelain like complexion they enhance


The carbon maximizes the potential of the laser to clear debris and clogged pores in the skin so its great for people with oily skin, acne, open pores, skin that is congested with redness, blackheads, whiteheads.

Because of its laser toning and pigment reducing properties its also great for people with dull skin, pigmentation, spots, freckles and sun –damaged skin.

As a rejuvenating treatment its great for brides, for red carpet and as a pre event procedure for radiance and brightness.

 Treatment Procedure

 After consultation and assessment for the procedure, you will be cleansed of makeup and taken into the laser room. Eye protection goggles will be given to you and after tucking away your hair at the hairline, the practitioner will start applying a carbon cream on the face. Once this dries, the doctor will shoot a laser beam all across the face. This bonds the carbon cream to the skin and this step feels a bit warm to the skin. Now in the second pass the settings are changed and the carbon cream is blasted off by further laser beams. Most of the carbon cream is cleared from the skin and the rest is washed away and some post care creams will be applied to the face. Sunscreen will be applied.

 After Treatment Affects

 Post treatment the skin may feel a little warm and you may feel some burning sensation in a few sensitive areas but this will subside in a few hours. Immediately post treatment one can notice the glow but it takes a further 1-2 days for the glow to brighten further. You may peel in a few areas around the mouth and nose a little but only ever so slightly.Long term effects are that of reduced open pores, acne, pigmentation and even skin tone.

 Do’s and Dont’s after and before treatment

 Do tell your practitioner if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as you are not allowed to do this during those times. Also discuss all medical conditions you may have and medicines and skin creams and lotions you apply on the face. If you are on Isotretinoin or Roaccutane or retinol creams you must let your doctor know.

Avoid excessive sun exposure and getting tanned prior to the treatment as that can give an unpredictable result.

Do not do any other abrasive procedures on the face 2-3 days prior such as waxing, threading, plucking, steaming. Avoid sauna and steam baths for 2 days prior.


 The price varies from clinic to clinic and depends on the quality of the equipment. Not every clinic offers this treatment and not every treatment is standard in terms of the lasers and creams used. The lasers may come as cheap as 1.5 lakhs in a clinic or go upto 50-60 lakhs hence the treatment differs from clinic to clinic but you can expect to pay rs 5000- rs 20000 per session depending on the laser used

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