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Harness the goodness of Chemical peels:

If you ever wondered how amazing celebrities look even at a higher age, I will let you in on a big secret. Most celebrities indulge in chemical peels, Dermal and other skin tightening treatments regularly, so if you want celebrity like skin, book a consultation now! 

Chemical Peels reduce pigmentation, help stimulate collagen production, improve the texture and tone of the skin and can even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also treats sun damaged skin, age spots and helps make skin noticeably smoother and younger.Thus they form a very improtant part of skin rejuvenation programme used in conjunction with specifically prescribed skin creams.  

These peels involve the use of a slightly acidic chemical solution which is titrated and applied to the face or troubled area. This leads to peeling of the outer layers of skin revealing younger, healthier,glowing skin underneath. They can be used to treat most areas of the body but commonly used on face, back, hands and legs.

The amount of skin penetration will depend on the type of peel used, its strength and the length of time the skin has been exposed to it.

Gone are the days of dull skin. Glow Peels, Party Peels, Super Peels, Bridal Peels or Acne Peels, there is something for most skin types and conditions. Walk in and let our doctors guide you to decide the correct peel treatment for your skin.

 Glycolic Acid peel: This is a superficial peel with no downtime and can be done during a lunch break. It requires little preperation and since it only peels the very superficial layers of skin, its best suited for those who do not want excessive skin peeling and also want to boost up their complexion for an event or to smooth it out. Skin feels more hydrated and plump afterwards. Also helps dry skin and fine wrinkles.

 TCA Peel: This a superficial-medium depth peel requiring no skin preperation and with little or no down time. The skin starts to peel in 3-4 days and the effects achieved with this peel are more younger looking skin with restored elasticity and glow.

 Mandelic peel: For sensitive and darker skin types. Derived from almonds. Used to treat ageing skin, wrinkles and blemishes

 Black peel:  A combination peel for acne with active ingredients Salicylic acid, acetic acid, jasmonic acid and potassium, black peel helps improve oily, acne prone skin and the appearance of spots and blackheads. Course of regular peels for acne are recommended based on your skin condition.

 Retinol Peel: These peels are anti-ageing and full of antioxidants . Helps photodamage, stretchmarks, ageing signs.

 Yellow peel: A skin resurfacing peel with retinol, kojic acid and other skin lightening agents and antioxidants. Helps improve uneven skin texture, excessive pigmentation, sun damaged skin, freckles and spots.

Phenol Peels: Mild Phenol Peels are used at Lejeune which have anti acne properties and help to exfoliate and brighten sun damaged skin. Used in combination with retinol peels and vitamin C for healing, even skin tone and rejuvenation

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