Bollywood Micro Lift in Bangalore, Hyderabad

Bollywood Micro Lift

Bollywood Micro Lift 

Natural and subtle lift for those that dont want an overdone or a frozen look. It is called the ‘Bollywood lift’ because of the benefits it confers to celebrities and actors who need to look fresher, smoother, radiant without lines, wrinkles yet retain their facial expressions.

Conventional dermal if overdone or seeps into the wrong muscles can cause variations and imbalance in facial expressions and symmetry.

In Bollywood Microlift, very diluted injections are used and placed strategically not in the muscles but in the top layer of the skin that relaxes the upper layer of muscles attached to the skin without affecting the deeper muscles.

This also tightens the open pores thereby decreasing surface area hence tightening and lifting the skin.

Placing the injections in certain key areas of the face also removes the downward pull of certain muscles leading to greater force of the upward pulling muscles of the face lifting jowls and sagging jawline.

Being accepted more all over the world with more papers being published regarding increasing benefits of baby dermal as compared to conventional dermal this procedure avoids all the unwanted side effects of traditional dermal.

The Bollywood lift is designed and created by Dr.Shuba Dharmana who has put together the technique of baby dermal for lift combining it with glow booster injections again strategically placed to slim and highlight the face in all the right places for increased radiance and freshness.

The procedure is adjusted to everyone’s face depending on their skin laxity and face shape. Numbing cream is applied for 30 mins following which the skin is cleansed well and the product is injected very superficially.

Results are seen after 1 week and keep increasing for upto 1 month following the procedure. You are advised to repeat the procedure every 3 months for optimal benefit. Repeating the procedure frequently does prolong the results even to 6 months.


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