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Pigmentation can be excessive also known as hyperpigmentation or low known as Hypopigmentation.

Excessive pigmentation or hyperpigmentation happens when there is an injury or attack to the skin that causes melanin pigment to deposit in the areas causing darker spots.

Some of the common conditions causing pigmentation are acne or any skin disease, Melasma, certain medical conditions and medication.

Melasma is pigmentation that is seen in middle aged people on the cheeks and sometimes on the nose. It can be caused by oral contraceptive pills, age, sunlight, pregnancy

Melasma can be deep where the pigment is deposited deep in the skin tissue or more superficial.  Deeper forms of melasma are stubborn and are difficult to treat.

It is important to protect from sunlight and UV rays by using a sunscreen that is 30 spf or more, seeking shade, using wide brimmed hats and sunglasses .

Milder forms of melasma and other forms of pigmentation, spots, freckles can be treated with skin peels and or Pigment laser from our clinic.

A peel is a solution that is applied to the skin which damages and peels off the outer layers of skin. the skin underneath has lesser pigmentation and has improved tone and texture.

A course of peels about 6-8 sittings done every 2 weeks are required to effectively reduce pigmentation

Pigment lasers that use Q switch technology also work by breaking down the melanin pigment. Lejeune uses the powerful photoacoustic technology from Alma lasers, the pioneers of fractional Q switched technology. ‘Alma Q’ is their latest and most advanced technology that treats pigmentation, spots, freckles, sun damage, tan, dullness, acne scars, mealsma, tattoo removal, vascular and other pigment lesions.

At LeJeune our multi disciplinary approach with combination modalities like Peels with pigment laser sessions work the best for treating pigmentation with appropriate sun care and skin care programme.

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