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Fractional RF For Scars

Skin Resurfacing with Fractional RadioFrequency

The benefits of fractional resurfacing are many. The fractional beam of the device selectively burns columns of tissue in a pixelated manner so that the normal skin in between allows for faster healing. This fractional method is much safer than other older ablative lasers which burn the entire skin leaving it prone to post laser pigmentation, scarring and prolonged recovery.

Fractional resurfacing helps to remodel and synthesize new collagen thus improving fine lines, wrinkles and scars.  The open pores appear tighter with better texture and tone of the skin and in this way is one of the best anti ageing procedures.

Fractional technology is used with CO2, lasers and radio frequency.  It allows older sun damaged skin to peel away revealing younger looking skin beneath. When used with the prescribed cosmeceuticals that the dermatologist prescribes, it enhances the skin’s natural radiance and reduces pigmentation, sun spots and sun damage.

Depending on the technology your dermatologist may advice 3-6 sittings. With Fractional Radio Frequency, 4-6 sittings maybe enough. The technology also allows to treat stretch marks on the body. An improvement of 30-60% can be expected depending on the severity.

Your practitioner will first numb the skin with a numbing cream and then let you sit for 30 mins. After this the cream is washed off and area is treated. You can expect post treatment redness and sometimes swelling. Over the next few days dark pixelated marks remain on the skin so do expect a downtime for a few days. The deeper the penetration, the longer the downtime and more effective the results.

The procedure itself feels a little uncomfortable but most people are able to tolerate well. Post procedure you may experience burning for 30 mins. The same micro wounding technology is also used in Vampire facelifts but using a dermaroller instead of a device.

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