Fat Dissolving Injections in Bangalore, Hyderabad

Fat Dissolving Injections

Lot of people want non-surgical treatments for fat reduction. They frequently ask for injections that would dissolve their fat. So does such a treatment exist? How efficient and safe are they?

These fat injections or ‘Phosphatidylcholine injections’ are also known as , ‘lipo-dissolve’, ‘flab-jab’ or ‘Injection Lipolysis’. Some even call this a ‘Mesotherapy’ treatment although it is not the same as Mesotherapy.Whilst there isn’t many clinical studies supporting the efficacy of Mesotherapy , there is studies showing the clinical effectiveness of Phosphatidylcholine injections.

The injections are strategically placed at a certain depth under the skin to dissolve localised pockets of fat. Phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholate with which it is usually combined in the injections, work by disrupting the cell membrane of the fat cells. A complex chain of events then take place within that cell which ultimately results in its death. These cells are then metabolised and cleared by the body.

These injections are given with a tiny needle and are usually well tolerated. Some people may experience some bruising, swelling, burning and pain all of which are temporary and will resolve in few days. The injections are repeated every 2 months for 1-3 sessions.

For people that are needle-phobic, Phosphatidylcholine can also be given with Electroporation treatment. Electroporation is a means of enhancing the drug delivery across the skin barrier by providing voltage pulses which helps to increase the skin’s permeability.

The treatment with phosphatidylcholine has received some negativity and there are several reasons for this. It is made available as an over the counter medication in some countries which has made self administration and administration by non-medical professionals in beauty salons and gyms possible. Either too much of it is injected or the depth of the injections is  not correct or there is not enough gap between 2 adjacent points of injections. All the above will lead to complications and hence it is not a treatment that should be made available to non-medical people.

However, when Phosphatidylcholine Injections are performed by a trained professional, they can be an easy, safe, low-cost and effective treatment to contour face and body. Although it will not be a substitute for liposuction, for certain people that have stubborn pockets of fat and do not want to undergo surgery, it is a good alternative.


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