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Reverse the signs of aging with Dermal Fillers 

Dermal fillers are non-surgical cosmetic treatments used to bring a more youthful appearance by restoring volume or fullness to the face and lips.

Skin loses collagen and fat as it ages and because of other factors such as sun-damage, smoking, poor diet, pollution etc making it look wrinkly and saggy. Dermal Fillers contain Hyaluronic acid in a very purified form, a substance that we naturally loose with ageing.

Put simply, dermal fillers are used to restore that lost volume in the face by plumping out lines, wrinkles and folds.

These injections are not very painful when used with the numbing cream and you may feel a slight discomfort. The effects of the fillers last 12 months and like wrinkle softening injections may require repeating and layering to help maintain younger looking skin.

The hyaluronic acid filler is injected in the folds after numbing the skin with a local anaesthetic cream. Areas that can be treated include: 

 1.Laughter folds

2. Scars and deep furrows

3.Lines over the Upper lip ‘Smoker’s Lines’ 

4.Marionette lines

They are also used to contour, enhance, correct and augment soft tissue like cheeks, chin etc to restore a youthful look. The natural highlights of a face are at the highest bony prominences of the face like the cheeks, chin, temples, nose and angle of jaw. These areas that we also naturally highlight with makeup to contour and highlight are naturally lost with age as the bones begin to get absorbed and the fat underneath the skin starts to droop. 

When a filler is used to inject to restore volume and lift the tissues back in their place, the highlights are also naturally restored and this is what gives the face a youthful look.

Dr.Shuba Dharmana has devised her own ‘Liquid V3 lift’ that she does with fillers to restore these natural highlights back by giving the face the desired ‘V’ or oval shape and a traceable ‘3’ silhouette on the profile augmenting and enhancing all the right angles and contours of the youthful face!

Some of the areas of the face where fillers can be used are:

 Cheek contouring:

As we age, we loose volume in the cheeks. This in additional to the effects of gravity causes the underlying tissues and the skin to droop giving rise to laughter folds. This volume in the cheeks can be replaced with a thicker Dermal Filler that not only creates a fuller youthful lift to the face but also corrects the laughter folds.

 Lip Enhancement:
The injections used in the lips will help accentuate the lipline, the cupid’s bow area, the smokers lines ( area above the upper lip), the philtrum and to plump body of the lips.
Depending on one’s pain threshold, they may choose to have this with local anaesthetic cream or have a set of numbing injections called ‘Dental Blocks’ given into the gums inside the mouth if required prior to the procedure. These injections given inside the mouth are relatively painless and are akin to having an injection into the gums from your dentist before a tooth removal.

Chin Augmentation: 

A good chin that is well projected both to the front and downwards that is in line with the harmony and balance of the rest of the face makes a huge difference to the overall desirable shape of the face and to the jawline contour. Most asians are a little deficient in the chin and jawline and restoring and providing support and volume here greatly increases the aesthetic attractiveness of a face. Fillers are used to restore this volume and to provide structural support at the corners of the mouth to prevent them from drooping.

Jawline Contouring

Jawline can be contoured with Fillers to provide definition and augmentation of a not so well defined outline. This is often combined with filling up at the angle of the jaw also to really definitely enhance the sculpted jawline. This advanced indication is to be taken up by an advanced expert injector only.

Tear Trough/Under Eye Filling:

Under eye dark circles are pretty common by mid twenties and early thirties because the fragile thin skin here has less structural support and fat underneath compared to other areas. When the collagen breaks down and the fat begins to droop, the depression in this area begins to create a shadow and often shows as ‘dark circles’

Filler treatment in this area can restore the volume loss and give support to the skin in this delicate region. This immediately refreshes the look making them look less tired and sad and more youthful

Non -surgical Nose correction

Fillers can be used to correct a short bridge of nose, to build height, to lift nose tip and to correct a deviated septum. the effects of a filler treatment on the nose will last upto 1.5-2 years

Temple Lift:

Loss of collagen and bone remodelling and absorption in the temple region with age means that the rounded smooth contour of a youthful face is lost as the natural highlights do not fall on the temples anymore. This area looks hollowed out and makes one look more aged in appearance. This area can be filled with fillers to restore volume and contour

Forehead Contour:

The forehead with age also starts to recede and develops indentations and concavity. The gentle convexity of a forehead where the natural highlights fall is lost but can be restored with the help of a soft filler injected by an expert advanced injector.

Other areas such as the brow lift and upper eyelid hollowness can also be restored by Fillers.

 Neck Lines:

Horizontal Neck Lines can be improved with Dermal fillers in a  matter of minutes. These fillers are injected into the neck lines where they absorb water, hydrate and fill up the folds and lines giving the neck a much smoother rejuvenated appearance.

Décolletage/ Hand Rejuvenation:

we often overlook our Décolletage and hands, the most age revealing parts of our body. The skin at the cleavage is one of the first places women show their age. The skin is fine, thin and very delicate, and tends to show sunspots and lines easily with age. Women also tend to overlook this area when it comes to skincare, not realising they should be treating it with just as much care as their face. This area as well as the hands can be treated effectively with a slightly less viscous Dermal filler like Belotero Hydro or Restylane Vital. You will have a series of tiny injections in the area after using a numbing cream and you will require 3 sessions and maintenance treatment every once in 3 months.

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